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Thuraya IP Pay Monthly Airtime

Thuraya IP Pay Monthly Airtime

Ensure your Thuraya IP terminal is always ready to connect and will never run out of credit by using it with a post-paid SIM card. Our post-paid Thuraya IP airtime contracts are perfect for regular users of Thuraya IP terminals or heavy users who wish to benefit from lower connection rates than those available through Thuraya IP pre-paid SIM cards.

Post-paid Thuraya IP airtime can be used in any of the 140 countries in Thuraya's coverage zone and we offer various contract options to cater for your data requirements. Thuraya IP provides standard background IP services of up to 444 kbps or dedicated streaming IP bandwidth ranging from 16 kbps to 384 kbps, depending on your quality of service requirements. All plans have a minimum 1 month term.

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MBB On Demand Plans

Monthly Fee - 1 Month Contract$42.50$487.50$810.00
Monthly Fee – 12 Month Contractn/an/a$780.00
Monthly Fee – 24 Month Contractn/an/a$735.00
Monthly Fee – 36 Month Contractn/an/a$690.00
Monthly Allowance$42.50$487.50$780.00
Standard IP$4.80$3.60$1.80
Streaming IP (per minute)As per Streaming IP Table


Unlimited Plans 

 AmpleSuper144k Unlimited256k Unlimited444k Unlimited
Maximum Connection Speed444kbps444kbps144kbps256kbps444kbps
Monthly Fee - 1 Month Contract$1,380.00$2,100.00$2,640.00$3,000.00$3,360.00
Monthly Fee - 12 Month Contract$1,200.00$1,680.00$2,280.00$2,640.00$2,880.00
Monthly Fee - 24 Month Contract$1,080.00$1,420.00$1,800.00$2,400.00$2,680.00
Monthly Fee - 36 Month Contract$1,020.00$1,380.00$1,740.00$2,100.00$2,280.00
Fair Use Policy - FUP (Per Month)1GB5GB15GB20GB30GB
Throttle Down Bandwidth32kbps32kbps32kbps32kbps32kbps
Streaming IP (per minute)As per Streaming IP Table
Voice to Thuraya$0.60
Voice to Band 1$0.60
Voice to Band 2$5.35
Voice to Catch All$8.95


Data Rates

Data BundlesPrice / PlanAmpleSuper144k Unlimited256k Unlimited444k Unlimited
5 GB$780.00Max. 444kbpsMax. 444kbpsMax. 144kbpsMax. 256kbpsMax. 444kbps
10 GB$1,320.00Max. 444kbpsMax. 444kbpsMax. 144kbpsMax. 256kbpsMax. 444kbps
15 GB$1,740.00Max. 444kbpsMax. 444kbpsMax. 144kbpsMax. 256kbpsMax. 444kbps

 For use with unlimited plans only when initial allowance has been used.  To add, please contact us.


Streaming Rates



*Fair Usage Applies of 15GB a Month, if this is passed bandwidth will be throttled
**Fair Usage Applies of 30GB a Month, if this is passed bandwidth will be throttled
Pro-rating of Static IP Address monthly fee is not applicable when activating or deactivating the static IP address.
Standard IP traffic shall be charged based on 100 Kilobytes data block.


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