SmartOne Satellite Tracker Airtime

SmartOne Satellite Tracker Airtime
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We offer a wide range of messaging plans for the SmartOne satellite asset tracker and other devices using the Globalstar Simplex Service.




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SmartOne Plans Activation Fee Monthly Fee Inclusive Messages Overall per Message Contract
Standard Plan $30.00 $12.50 0 $0.05 SIGN CONTRACT >
Light Plan $30.00 $14.50 250 $0.05 SIGN CONTRACT >
Heavy Plan $30.00 $17.50 500 $0.05 SIGN CONTRACT >
Unlimited Plan $30.00 $30.00 Unlimited N/A SIGN CONTRACT >



*No roll-over of unused messages is permitted from one billing period to the next.

*Subject to fair usage policy (minimum message transmission frequency every 30 mins)


Message Plans

Your SmartOne will require a messaging plan to operate and GTC offers four simple options for your messaging requirements. We offer various options for receiving messages: For more detailed information on message delivery options please click here.


To your Coperate Server: We can deliver the raw messages transmitted from your tracker to your corporate server. Please note that the minimum device quantity is 50+ for this service. We can deliver to your server through for lower quantities. You will be responsible for decoding all messages received.


By Email: Decoded messages containing time and location of transmission etc. can be sent by email to your preferred email address. Please note that you must choose one of the mapping options below to receive messages via email as they are generated by our mapping portal


Through GTCTrack: For an additional charge, we can process messages transmitted from your device and make them available to view through our online mapping application (see ‘Mapping Options’ below for pricing).


We also offer different options for your mapping requirements:-

Global Telesat Communications provides an online mapping portal, GTCTrack, which enables you to view online the current location, past movements and other data relevant to the tracking functions available on your Globalstar device. Upon activation of your device, we will provide you with a username and password to access our mapping website and view the movements of your device.

Globalstar Simplex

  • Monthly fee from just $12.50 per month
  • Minimum term of just one month
  • Also suitable for Globalstar STX2/STX 3 Modules

Your SmartOne LP will require a messaging plan to operate and GTC offers four simple options for your messaging requirements. These plans are also suitable for Globalstar STX2/STX 3 Modules.

SmartOne Coverage Mapx

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