Motorola XT660 Two-Way Radio

Motorola XT660 Two-Way Radio

Voice Capability

Stay only a voice call away from friends, family or colleagues even when in the remotest of areas!

Messaging Capabilty

Messaging capability allows you to keep in contact with friends, family or colleagues via SMS or to an email address or receive messaging alerts

Subscription Free

There is no additional subscription or registration fees after the purchase of this device.

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The Motorola XT660d Two-Way Radio offers voice and SMS messaging capabilities to assist with the communications of your business. This radio is designed to work to the speed a business, whilst the features enhance efficiency and benefits for employees and employers.

Includes Battery and Charger. Motorola Part Number RED0006BDPAA

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The Motorola XT660d Two-Way Radio is part of the XT600d series which is designed to work at the speed of business.

The XT660d radios are ideal for organisations who understand that instant communication can be a competitive advantage as the features keep your team connected and productive. Additionally, you can activate the microphone and transmitter on a target radio to check on the status of your personnel. The ability to record and play back conversations is extremely beneficial for training purposes, for your business' audit protection. 

Motorola XT660d Key Features:


The Motorola XT660 has 128 channels and 219 privacy codes. 


The XT660 offers full keypad for text messaging - with up to 128 characters per message and a choice of up to 50 pre-programmable messages.


The Motorola XT660 offers enhanced audio with a 1.5W speaker to provide users with clear and loud audio, even across a wide area. 

Battery Life

The XT660 uses standard Li-Ion batteries which lasts for up to 20 hours, with battery save on (500mW Tx Power)

Calling Functions

This Motorola Radio offers enhanced calling capabilities in digital mode and offers the options for 'Private Call', 'Group Call' and 'All Call' to offer one-to-one, group and communication to everyone. 


The Motorola XT660 has an LCD display which is handy forshowing incoming text messages, contact lists, caller ID, battery life and signal strength

Other Key Features:

  • Record and play back conversations
  • Crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication.
  • Monitor radios and send call alerts
  • Compatible to be used with PMR446 radios, when in analogue mode*

Motorola XT660d Package Includes:

  • Motorola XT660 Display Two-Way Radio
  • Battery
  • Charger

*This radio operates on the shared PMR446 frequency and as a result does not require a licence from OFCOM.

General Specifications
Dimensions 11.6 x 5.7 x 3.8 cm
Weight 262 g
Battery Life Up to 20 Hours
Battery Type Standard Li-ion 
Frequency Range

Analogue - PMR446 (446.0 – 446.2 MHz)

Digital -446.1 - 446.2 MHz

Operating Temperature -30C to +60C
Key Features
128 Channels
IP55 Standards
2 Years Standard Warranty
Storage for up to 50 pre-programmable messages
LCD Display
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