Motorola T82 Extreme (Quad Pack)

Motorola T82 Extreme (Quad Pack)

Voice Capability

Stay only a voice call away from friends, family or colleagues even when in the remotest of areas!

Dust & Water Resistant

One of the more rugged devices, this unit has a very high Ingress Protection (IP) rating. See Specification for the exact rating.

Easy Pairing

Devices can easily be paired together to communicate directly.

Strobe Light

A Strobe Light provides added visibility for using the device at sea or during the night.


PMR446 is the European Union standard for radios and is approved for use in the UK and European Union.

Subscription Free

There is no additional subscription or registration fees after the purchase of this device.
£160.00 (Inc. VAT) £133.33 (Ex. VAT)
In Stock

Next day delivery available on the Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie-Talkie Quad Pack - cost-effective, subscription free communication with your team within a 6 mile range.

Part Number: B8P00810YDEMAQ

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Next day delivery available on the Motorola 2 Way Radio T82 Extreme Quad Pack - cost-effective, subscription free communication. 

The Motorola T82 Extreme is ideal for activities which take you off the grid such as hiking, skiing, climbing and cycling and allow you to communicate in the toughest conditions.

The Walkie-Talkies come in a compact carry case making them easy to pack when travelling. The device has the ability to charge by USB making it compatible with our range of solar panels and rechargers.

Motorola T82 Key Features:


This Motorola radio works on the PMR446 frequency which is the European Union standard for radios and is approved for use in the UK and European Union.


The Motorola T62 has a new hidden display which saves power by only coming alive when you need it.

Up to 10km range

The Motorola T82 Extreme has a range of up to a 6 mile (10km) range, to keep you in touch and connected with family and friends in your group. 


The T62 has 16 channels and 121 privacy codes. 

Pairing the device

The T82 can be easily paired with a dedicated pairing button while the device. 

Power & Battery Life

The Motorola T62 operates with NiMH 800 mAH batteries (included) to last for up to 18 hours or or NiMH 1300 mAH high capacity (optional) to last up to 26 hours. Standard battery life is based on usage of 5/5/90 cycle.

LED Torch

A built-in LED torch provides emergency light when needed so you can read your map in the dark.

Standard Rating

The T82 EXTREME has a IPX4 rating and is weatherproof and able to withstand the harshest environments.

What is included?

  • 4 x Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie-Talkies
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 4 x Belt Clips
  • 2 x Mains Charger with 2 Micro USB Plugs
  • 4 x NiMH rechargeable battery packs
  • 4 x Lanyards
  • 4 x Earpieces
  • Instruction Manual
  • 32 x Personalization Stickers

Also available: Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie-Talkie Twin Pack

General Specifications
Dimensions 5.7 x 18.1 x 3.3 cm
Weight 197g (includes belt clip and battery)
Frequency Band PMR446
Tx Power 500mW
Bandwidth 12.5Khz
Channels 16 +121 Privacy Codes
Range Up to 6 mile/10km depending on terrain and conditions
IP Rating IPX4
Battery Life NiMH 800 mAH (included) - up to 18 hours***
NiMH 1300 mAH high capacity (optional) - up to 26 hours***
Charging Micro USB charger (included)
Compatible with drop-in charging dock (sold separately)
Mechanical Specifications
Keypad Lock
Battery Level Indicator
Micro USB Port for Charging
2.5mm Headset Jack
20 Call Tones
Vibrate Alert
Keypad Tones
Talk Confirmation/Roger Beep
Rechargeable NiMH pack (included)
Compatible with standard AA-sized batteries
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