Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly Plans

Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly Plans

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Why choose GTC for your Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly Contract?

  • Choice of the Inmarsat Standard and the Inmarsat Flex Plan
  • Contract set-up and SIM card sent within 24 hours
  • Easy online Direct Debit set-up
  • Itemised monthly billing

Do you have the correct SIM Card?

  • The Inmarsat Standard plans can only be activated on white SIM cards.

Sign up to your Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly Plan 

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Inmarsat Pay Monthly Plans


For a breakdown of calling rates, please find more information in the 'Calling Rates' tab below. 



Standard Allowance 20 Allowance 60
Activation Fee $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Monthly Fee $45.00 $65.00 $100.00
Inclusive Minutes per Month 10* 20* 60*
Minimum Monthly Contract 3 Months 12 Months 12 Months


*Allowance is for mobile originated traffic to fixed/cellular/voicemail/GSPS/SPS/BGAN/FBB destinations

Which is the best Inmarsat Plan for you?

Comparing the Inmarsat Standard and Inmarsat Flex Plans:

  • Activation Fee: The Inmarsat Standard plan has a one-off $25.00 activation fee. The Inmarsat Flex plan offers the option for a 3 month minimum term, rather than 12 months when you pay a $50 activation fee. Please note if you choose to pay a $50 activation fee there is no minimum term. Minimum cost will be one month's access fee + $50 activation fee. 
  • Anytime SIM Suspension: At any point during your contract you can suspend your SIM and reduce monthly payments to only $5 per month on the Inmarsat Flex Plan. There is no option to suspend your plan on the Inmarsat Standard plan. 
  • Dedicated Local Number: Customers signed up to the Inmarsat Flex Plan will be assigned a dedicated US or UK phone number and a SIM card free of charge. This results in much lower calling charges, as calls to the handset will charge at the same rate as the network rate, rather than the Satellite Phone rate. Inmarsat Flex customers must select their preference to a US or UK phone number, when completing the pay monthly contract. Customers on the Inmarsat Standard Plan do not have this option. 


Our online mapping portal can track your Shout GSM to provide real-time information via your GPS location. Any person provided with the login can become an operator to monitor any number of GSM or satellite assets, simultaneously in-real time and historically on both the Basic and Professional plans.

Key benefits include:

  • Geo-Fencing capabilities (Professional Plan only)
  • Alert options available, with varying degrees of urgency for operator and device holder
  • Global Tracking
  • Multiple layer options and map views
  • Inclusive to all devices with GPS tracking capabilities
  • Past-tracking data points are always accessible, until the device is de-activated
  • Mapping and asset grouping customisation options are available
  • Data Reporting and Scheduling functions
  • Notifications and alerts can be sent directly to the holder of the device

Basic and Professional Mapping plans

The Basic mapping plan is available from just £6.50 a month per device and provides location-based data from your device to the online maps. The tracking equipment determines its location by triangulating a position using GPS (Global Positioning System) and then transmits this information via GSM, Satellite, or VHF to a central server for processing. Alternatively, the Professional mapping plan is available from just £12.50 a month per device and allows you to track multiple devices on the same map! This plan is essential for businesses or organisers managing multiple devices to be able to track the movements of individuals and assets. Find out more.


Add-On Services Description Monthly Fee Annual Fee


Suitable for users with single devices. Excludes Geo-Fencing.

£6.50 £65.50



Suitable for users requiring access to multiple devices under one login. Includes Geo-Fencing. Fee is applicable per device.

£12.50 £140.00
Service Standard Allowance 20 Allowance 60
Voice/Data to Fixed $1.00 $1.00 $0.90
Voice/Data to Cell $1.20 $1.10 $1.10
Voice/Data to BGAN/FBB $1.00 $0.93 $0.90
Voice/Data to GSPS/SPS $1.50 $1.40 $1.40
Voicemail $1.00 $0.93 $0.90
SMS $0.50 $0.50 $0.50
GSPS to Iridium Voice $7.85 $7.85 $7.85
GSPS to Globalstar Voice $5.70 $5.70 $5.70
GSPS to Thuraya Voice $3.60 $3.60 $3.60
GSPS to Other MSS Carriers $7.85 $7.85 $7.85

The table above shows how customers can use their inclusive allowance, as well as the additional charges if you go over your monthly allowance. 

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