Iridium Pilot Satellite Terminal

Iridium Pilot Satellite Terminal

Coverage Map - Iridium

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Global Coverage

Keep in contact anywhere on the planet with this device.  Simply get a clear line of sight to the sky and you'll be able to take advantage of its features.

Data Capability - High Speed

Keep in contact when on the move with this device offering you a high speed data connection.  This would allow you to load up basic web pages amongst over normal daily tasks.  Please bear in mind that the highest possible speed on our units would be 492 kbps, device dependant, so is still not as quick as regular broadband

High Speed Data

This unit will allow you speeds capable of loading basic web pages, email and even Skype! Make sure you keep track of your airtime costs when using these services though!

£5,883.00 (Inc. VAT) £4,902.50 (Ex. VAT)
Delivery within 1-3 business days
The Iridium Pilot is the latest fixed satellite terminal available from the worlds only global coverage network. It offers high speed data, IP connectivity and 3 voice lines.

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The Iridium Pilot is the newest fixed terminal available from Iridium, it offers high-speed data and voice system specifically aimed at the maritime industry. The equipment is surprisingly affordable and easy to install by the end user. Pilots 3 phone lines enable to make simultaneous voice calls whilst data is being used. The equipment also allows you to plug into a single computer or router for multiple computer use.

Powered by the Iridium OpenPort broadband service, Iridium Pilot gives you exceptional performance, durability and value.

The Iridium Pilot terminal comes with:

  • Antenna Unit
  • Below Deck Unit (BDU)
  • BDU Mounting Parts
  • User Guide
  • EU Power Supply Cord
  • BDU Power Supply
  • Crew Handset
  • 20m Antenna Cable

Iridium Pilot Key Features:

3 Voice Lines

Iridium Pilot’s three independent phone lines increase retention by helping you keep the crew happy—there’s no need to queue to call friend and family. Affordable prepaid options allow calling even at peak times. The Iridium Pilot below-decks unit contains three RJ11 jacks, enabling users to make up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission. Crew calls are easily separated from ship’s business calls for simplified accounting.

High-Speed Data

The Iridium Pilot Terminal offers data speeds up to 134 kbps bidirectional with the Iridium OpenPort broadband service.

Easy to Install

In addition to being lightweight and durable, the Iridium Pilot Termina's low profile omni-directional satellite antenna can be easily mounted at any convenient location on deck, and can withstand the effects of nearly any maritime environment.

Reliable, Global Coverage

The unique Iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provides inherent advantages over GEO satellite constellations, delivering robust communications performance. And because the Iridium OpenPort broadband service is not affected by extreme weather, many customers with mission-critical communications requirements rely on it to back up other platforms.

Antenna Specification
Height 23 cm
Diameter 57 cm
Weight 11kg
Below Deck Unit Specification
Height 20 cm
Width 25 cm
Diameter 55cm
Weight 1.35kg
Key Features
3 Voice Lines
High Speed Data
Easy to Install
IP Connectivity

Pole-to-Pole Global Coverage

Up to 134 kbps bidirectional with Iridium OpenPort broadband service


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