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Pay Monthly Satellite Phone Airtime

Pay Monthly Satellite Phone Airtime

Iridium Pay Monthly airtime is available on request and payable by monthly Direct Debit.

Why choose GTC for your Iridium contract?

  • Activation fee of just $25
  • 3 Month Minimum Term*
  • Contract set-up and SIM card sent within 24 hours
  • Easy online Direct Debit set-up
  • Itemised monthly billing

*Although our Iridium post-paid contracts have a minimum 3 month term, please note that although the first month's fee is pro-rated, the last month's fee is not pro-rated and is payable in full.

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ServiceIridium 10 PlanIridium 75 PlanIridium 150 Plan
Activation Fee$25.00$25.00$25.00
Monthly Fee$50.00$77.50$100.00
Minimum Term3 Month3 Month3 Month
Inclusive Mins Per Month*1075150
Inclusive SMS Per Month*100Unlimited
Iridium to Fixed or Cell Phones (per min)$1.08$1.08$1.08
Iridium to Iridium - Voice (per min)$0.63$0.63$0.63
Iridium to Iridium - Data (per min)$1.08$1.08$1.08
Iridium to other satellite systems - Voice (per min)$9.99$9.99$9.99


* The Inclusive Minutes will be provided on a first-usage basis for mobile originated voice calls to Fixed, Cellular and Iridium destinations from the Iridium Phone only. To clarify, +1 Access, 2-stage dialing, data calls and mobile originated calls to other MSS Systems are excluded.

** The ability to successfully send and receive text messages through your satellite phone or is dependent on local mobile phone operators, some of which block text messages to premium rate numbers such as satellite phone numbers. Therefore SMS delivery is not guaranteed.


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