Iridium +1 Access Service

Calling Iridium phone numbers can be difficult in certain parts of the world and can generate high call charges for the calling party. The +1 Access Service makes calling Iridium subscribers simpler and less expensive and has been developed to provide Iridium post-paid subscribers with a US based +1 phone number in addition to their existing 8816 Iridium phone number.

Each +1 number is directly mapped in the switchboard to an accompanying 8816 phone number. When a call is received via +1, the system identifies the correct MSISDN and routes the call to the Iridium user. The process is seamless, but there will be a short delay prior to call connection. Subscribers proceed as usual when receiving calls via +1 Access, as well as dialling outbound calls.

The Iridium +1 Access Service is not available to pre-paid Iridium subscribers. To reduce calls to pre-paid Iridium subscribers consider Iridium 2 Stage Dialling

+1 Access Service Charges:
Monthly Fee = $10.00 (in addition to voice Monthly Fee)
Cost per minute to receive the call = $1.50
Cost per minute to the caller = cost per minute to a US phone number


Why use the Iridium +1 Access Service?

  • Unique +1 phone number per subscriber
  • No activation fee and low monthly fee
  • Simpler and less expensive for the caller
  • A flexible service - Iridium users can manage their call costs between their Iridium phone number or +1 phone number by giving the appropriate phone number to the caller.


Alternatives to the Iridium +1 Access Service

Callers to Iridium satellite phones can reduce call charges by using the Iridium 2 stage dialing service. The 2 stage dialing service allows callers to dial your Iridium phone from anywhere by calling into a US area code number and then entering the Iridium subscriber number. There is a monthly subscription for 2 stage dialing and it must be activated by the handset user.

More about Iridium 2 Stage Dialling

 Iridium +1 Access ServiceIridium 2 Stage Dialling
Monthly Fee $10.00 FREE
Cost/min to receive call $1.50 $1.35
Cost/min to caller* Cost/min to US number Cost/min to US number
Available to Pay Monthly Subscribers Yes Yes
Available to Pay As You Go Subscribers No Yes
Unique +1 phone number directly connects to Iridium phone number Yes No


* The cost per minute to the caller will depend on their calling plan to US numbers.

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