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  • UK Freephone 0800 112 3919


Thuraya provides network service through three geosynchronous satellites and its products include satellite phones, fixed land phones and satellite broadband terminals, giving coverage across most of Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and East Africa, Asia and Australia.



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  • Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone

    Thuraya XT-LITE Satellite Phone

    One of the most competitively prices handsets on the market from Thuraya, allowing voice and SMS communication.
    $458.99 (Ex. VAT)
  • Thuraya SatSleeve+

    Thuraya SatSleeve+

    Instantly turn your smart phone into a satellite phone anywhere in the Thuraya coverage area with the SatSleeve+  

    $482.07 (Ex. VAT)
  • Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot

    Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot

    Pair your tablet or smart phone with the SatSleeve Hotspot to initiate a data connection as well as voice calling through the Thuraya network

    $539.76 (Ex. VAT)
  • Thuraya XT-PRO Dual Satellite Phone

    Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL Satellite Phone

    The Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL is the world’s first dual-mode, dual-SIM phone, bridging the gap between satellite and GSM communications.

    $865.42 (Ex. VAT)
  • Thuraya XT-Pro Satellite Phone

    Thuraya XT-PRO Satellite Phone

    The XT-PRO is the latest phone from Thuraya and one of the most modern handsets on the market.

    $819.26 (Ex. VAT)
  • Thuraya IP+ Satellite Broadband Terminal

    Thuraya IP+ Satellite Broadband Terminal

    Offering speeds of up to 444kbps, the Thuraya IP+ enables users to keep in contact with friends, family or colleagues at any time

    $2,970.63 (Ex. VAT)
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