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  • "The Adventure of a Lifetime" communicated by Thuraya sat phone

    This week GTC customer Ricky Munday will leave his home in Cambridge to begin the almighty challenge of climbing Everest. Find out how he will use his Thuraya sat phone to stay connected.

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  • Satellite Phone Rental Offer : Free Shipping and £10 off minutes

    January often sees an increase in satellite phone rental bookings at GTC as our customers prepare for their year ahead. If your wallet is feeling a little lighter after Christmas take advantage of our rental offer valid for the whole of January.

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  • Satellite Phones - The Toughest Handsets

    A satellite phone needs to be relied upon by those traveling in some of the toughest places on earth. In this post we take a look at the durability of the 5 toughest satellite phones.

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  • Satellite Phone FAQs

    We've put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help beginners gain an understanding of what satellite phones can do.

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  • Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Hotspot are now compatible with Android Smartphones

    In September, Thuraya announced two new additions to their popular SatSleeve range – a range of accessories which allow you turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

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  • Thuraya announce expansion of SatSleeve range with Thuraya SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot

    Thuraya have announced two new additions to the popular SatSleeve range - a range of accessories which allow you turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

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  • Thuraya Launches the World's Most Advanced Satellite Phone: The Thuraya XT PRO

    Thuraya have launched the industry's most advanced satellite phone, the Thuraya XT-PRO.

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  • Satellite Phone, Tracker, WiFi Hotspot and BGAN rental from GTC

    When you need satellite communications on a short term basis only our rental service is a flexible option with satellite phones, trackers and internet terminals available to rent with a minimum term of just 7 days and charges from just £4 per day.

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  • What are the running costs of satellite phones?

    Satellite phones have a reputation for being expensive but they can actually be run from as little as £15 a month dependent on network. Find out more...

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  • 15 Minutes to Set-Up Your Satellite Phone

    We often have customers come to us with last minute requirements or those who are worried that setting up their satellite phone will be complicated but it needn’t be. Once your SIM is active here’s how to get started.  GTC customers will receive an email once the SIM is active with their phone number details. If you’re not sure on the status give us a call on +44 1202 801290. 1. Make sure the SIM card is inserted into the satellite phone Remove the battery and insert the SIM card with gold PINs facing down. The exception is modern Globalstar phones which do not require a SIM card. 2. Take the phone outside and find a clear line of sight to the sky For best performance, move away from tall obstacles such as buildings or trees. Make sure the antenna is fully extended and pointing to its optimal position (straight up to the sky). For Inmarsat and Thuraya handsets face towards the equator. 3. Make a test call from the satellite phone When dialling make sure you dial in international format: e.g. to call GTC dial 00 44 1202 801290. Use a + or 00 in front of all numbers. Calling into the phone Use the same method to call into the phone i.e. a + or 00 in front of the number. Having problems? Check with your operator that they support calls to satellite phones. Try dialling from a different network. Did you know…Inmarsat & Iridium customers can call these test numbers for free ? Inmarsat: +870776999999 Iridium:  +1-480-752-5105  4. Send a test message* Enter the recipient’s phone number in international format. Sending an SMS to the phone Use the same method to send a text into the phone i.e. a + or 00 in front of the number. *Excludes Globalstar which does not have SMS capability. Did you know…You can send a free SMS to some satellite phones?  Visit: http://msg.iridium.com/ http://connect.inmarsat.com/Services/Land/IsatPhone/SMS/sms.html https://sms.thuraya.com/   Do you have any other tips for getting started with a satellite phone?   Post a comment and let us know!

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