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  • Round the World in 80 Days: Global Flight Challenge Completed

    We are pleased to confirm that GTC customers Dave McElroy and Chris Elgar have completed their global circumnavigation 'Round The World in 80 Days' ("RTW-80") flight from and to Toronto, Canada  in their Piper Comanche aircraft. The final leg of the flight will take them back to Perth, Scotland by which time they would have flown 42,000 nautical miles (78,000 km) and achieved their ambitious target - crossing the Atlantic three times, visiting 6 continents and 57 airports - all in 80 days! To assist with RTW-80's flight safety requirements, GTC provided two satellite trackers to enable flight coordinators and followers from all over the world to track the aircraft's movements and live location online at any time. The primary satellite tracker provided by GTC was a DeLorme inReach satellite tracker which was configured to send out GPS coordinates every ten minutes throughout the entire trip with all transmissions and movements shown as a breadcrumb trail on our GTCTrack mapping portal. The DeLorme inReach is an award-winning satellite communicator that enables 2-way personal and SOS communication and remote Follow-me/Find-me tracking. Because the inReach transmits via the Iridium satellite network, it provides 100% global coverage, with no gaps or fringe coverage areas enabling the tracker to continuously broadcast Chris & Dave's location as they circumnavigated the world. The DeLorme inReach has recently been approved by Lockheed Martin Flight Services for the LMFS Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS) and Surveillance-Enhanced Search and Rescue. Once an inReach device is enrolled in the free program, pilots filing flight plans with LMFS can receive ACAS alerts of any new or modified adverse conditions, such as severe weather or airport closures, which may arise after the pilot has received an initial briefing and filed the flight plan. We also provided a SmartOne satellite tracker to use on-board the aircraft throughout the global trip. The SmartOne tracker is a small, standalone unit which was used on RTW-80 without a requirement for external antennas or power. It is one of the most cost effective and popular satellite trackers currently available and can be configured to transmit GPS coordinates from as little as every 5 minutes when in motion. Impressively, the  SmartOne  transmitted throughout the entire journey on just one set of AA lithium batteries and was still going strong when RTW-80 arrived back in Toronto! Followers of RTW-80 were able to view online the movements of the aircraft using our GTCTrack mapping portal. GTCTrack is a web based integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution, compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. We have watched Chris and Dave's progress with great interest throughout the journey and would like to congratulate them for completing the 'Round The World in 80 Days' challenge and raising important funds and awareness for two fantastic charities: Toronto’s SickKids Hospital Foundation – 200 young lives changed – (Canada) Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance SCAA – 100 lives saved/rescued – (Scotland) If you would like to make a donation to either charity please visit RTW80's website where there is plenty more information and links to donate.      

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  • Ecuadorian fishing fleet to be fitted with 4,000 Globalstar SmartOne Satellite Tracking Devices

    Globalstar announced today that their SmartOne device has been chosen for the first regional pilot project of its kind for Ecuador, which will outfit 4,000 artisanal fishing fleet with life-saving satellite tracking and emergency notification devices. The contract will initially outfit 4,000 small fishing boats with Globalstar's leading satellite transmitter, the SmartOne. The contract awarded to VehSmart will initially outfit 4,000 small fishing boats with Globalstar's leading satellite transmitter, the SmartOne. SmartOne devices will provide Ecuadorian fishermen and women with a means for help at sea when facing a life-threatening emergency including piracy. By linking to Ecuador's National Emergency Response System, the SmartOne devices will be outfitted with a proprietary panic button that any sailor can activate discreetly to summon a rescue. "We are pleased to participate in this unique, first of its kind project with VehSmart and the Ecuadorian government," said Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO of Globalstar. "This plan showcases the global life-saving power of Globalstar's technological offerings, providing peace of mind and real-time information when it matters the most." The SmartOne devices will be outfitted with a proprietary panic button that any sailor can activate discreetly to summon a rescue. The combined risks of an unpredictable marine environment and piracy attacks make fishing one of the world's riskiest occupations, with a high annual cost both in lives and lost or stolen property. During 2012, 184 acts of piracy occurred against Ecuadorian fishermen, according to the Ecuadorian government. During 2013 alone, the Ecuadorian government replaced 370 stolen boat motors. Pirates steal the boat motors and leave the fishermen stranded out at sea. These stranded fishermen often die, leaving families bereaved and without economic resources. Between January and April of 2013, seven Ecuadorian fishermen disappeared at sea. The Globalstar SmartOne provides a means for fishermen to not only send an SOS, but also allows authorities to pinpoint the location of the distressed vessel and send lifesaving rescue personnel. "Through the implementation of satellite tracking devices, fishermen will feel better protected with a greater level of security," said Vice Minister of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Guillermo Morán. "We are very excited to bring this life saving technology to the fishermen of Ecuador," said Brian Story, CEO of VehSmart. "We will be delivering unprecedented peace of mind to the families of those that risk their lives and property every day at sea." The satellite devices will also provide the Ecuadorian Vice Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries with a wealth of information about the seasonal movements of the fishing fleet. Authorities will be able to police overfishing and better protect exclusionary zones, such as the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands, one of the richest and most bio diverse ecosystems on earth. Fishermen and women will also have access to a robust software platform, protected by login script and viewable on handheld devices and computers. Boat owners will be able to access information about their vessels, track the whereabouts of loved ones at sea and use historical data to identify prime fishing areas.

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  • Tracking Products on Trial - DeLorme inReach and SmartOne Satellite Trackers & Queclink GL200 GSM Tracker

    It’s always good to see a product in action to get a feel for how it works. That’s why we tested out 3 of our most popular products on a road trip to Spain last weekend. We used the 1,400 mile drive to Spain to put the DeLorme inReach and SmartOne satellite trackers and Queclink GL200 GSM tracker through their paces. GTCTrack portal shows the three trackers en route to España! Click to enlarge... We used our GTCTrack portal which uniquely is able to show all 3 tracking products (along with a multitude of other tracking devices) on one system.  All the devices were: set to transmit every 10 minutes when moving but not while stationary therefore saving battery power running off their own internal battery power although they can also operate on an external line power used inside the car and got a clear signal showing clear line of sight to the sky is not always necessary for trackers So how did they perform? DeLorme inReachThe inReach performed consistently throughout the trip seldom missing it's scheduled 10 minute transmission.  It's great to know that the inReach would perform like this anywhere in the world as it has global coverage. For faster journeys tracking intervals can be increased to every 30 seconds to show routes with increased accuracy. Tracking intervals range from 30 seconds to hourly intervals. Find out more about inReach SmartOne SmartOne also performed well and tracking points were extremely accurate.  With message charges from just £0.05 the device can be used to transmit location messages frequently without running up large airtime bills. The SmartOne is the most flexible of the three devices as it can be configured with many different rules e.g. to only transmit when it moves out of certain co-ordinates. The SmartOne has the best battery life of all devices and can easily track the return journey without replacement batteries. It could probably go on to track other journeys for at least another couple of months using the same tracking configuration, or years using a lower tracking transmission setting. Find out more about SmartOne Queclink GL200 The GL200 performed well in open spaces but did miss a few tracking points when travelling through remote areas in the mountains.  However, if it is not essential for messages to transmit even in areas with no GSM coverage the Queclink is a great value option as the device and airtime are low priced compared to satellite options. The GL200 is the best device for covert tracking as due to its small size it could easily be placed underneath a car using its magnetic mount without the driver knowing to track the journey. Find out more about the Queclink GL200 All three devices proved to be reliable throughout the trip and could be used in a wide variety of situations whether you are travelling on foot, by bike, car, plane or hang glider (as used by some of our more adventurous customers!) If you would like to see more examples of the devices in use please contact us.

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  • Satellite Tracking for Expedition Medicine Sierra Leone

    Western Africa is an area plagued by infectious diseases that devastate millions each and every year. Many of these deaths could be prevented if simple, protective equipment were used. Later this month Expedition Medicine Sierra Leone (EMSL), a charitable trust established by four medical students, will begin to drive a 9,000 mile journey from Brighton to Sierra Leone and back again on a medically oriented expedition to reduce the spread of disease. They will conduct an investigation into the impact of medical equipment that protects against pandemics of infectious diseases in Western Africa.  Once they reach Sierra Leone they intend to improve the medical systems that currently exist in three ways: They will volunteer their medical skills. They have arranged to work in the Holy Spirit Hospital in the third largest town in Sierra Leone. The hospital has just three doctors and the help and skills that EMSL can offer will undoubtedly have a massive impact and will make a lasting impression to an area that is struggling under the burden of infectious disease. Second, they will deliver essential supplies. The use of protective medical equipment in the areas that they plan to visit is alarmingly low. After receiving appeals from health centres in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Senegal they plan to deliver essential medical supplies personally to the areas that are in greatest need. Third, they will conduct a research project. EMSL hope that their expedition will have a lasting effect. They plan to investigate if the use of protective equipment in hospitals is effective in the hope that they can then share their findings and educate the areas that are struggling. If it is not, they aim to discover what elements can be improved. We believe that EMSL are going to make a real difference and we were more than happy to help with their expedition so gave them a great deal on the DeLorme inReach satellite tracker and a SmartOne Satellite Tracker, both of which will make communications possible even when they are in areas with no mobile phone coverage. Tom Lever of EMSL told us: “This journey crosses some particularly dangerous areas including Mauritania. Passing through such areas without taking precautions would be naïve. Satellite tracking will enable instant 2 way communications with our UK based support team whilst also keeping all our followers up to date on our progress. Importantly satellite communications will enable immediate backup and contact in an emergency situation. EMSL approached a number of companies for advice regarding the necessary equipment. The team at GTC advised EMSL that the "SmartOne Satellite Tracker" and the "DeLorme inReach" were most suited for us to track both our assets and personnel. The reason we chose GTC was primarily because of the quick speedy response we received from Jenna via both phone and email, alongside a good price of course. EMSL would like to thank GTC for their help and knowledge regarding their satellite communications for their trip.”

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  • Global Telesat Communications Launches New GSM and Satellite Tracking Application - GTCTrack

    Web-based GSM and satellite tracking portal features fully integrated GPS and geo-fencing capabilities for location, identification and tracking of single or multiple assets and personnel. Global Telesat Communications Ltd (GTC) today announced the launch of GTCTrack, a web based mapping application which offers a complete visual overview of a wide range of popular GSM and satellite tracking devices from more than 20 different manufacturers. Using a Google Earth interface, GTCTrack displays real-time worldwide asset location reports including position, speed, altitude and heading and also provides past location and movement history reports. GTCTrack Online Asset Tracking Portal Suitable for individual users or fleet managers, GTCTrack enables monitoring and remote control of equipment, machinery and other assets and the ability to locate the position and communicate with lone workers or personnel, wherever they are located in the world. GTCTrack offers geo-fencing capabilities and user alerts based on numerous events such as excess speed, location changes, power on and off and start or finish of journey. “Having reviewed feedback from our customers we are pleased to offer an advanced and simple to use online mapping solution which works with all of our popular GSM and satellite tracking devices” said David Phipps, Managing Director of GTC. “Whether you are tracking a vehicle in the UK using GSM or an employee in a remote part of Africa using satellite, GTCTrack offers a cost-effective and convenient solution for monitoring all of your valuable assets in one easy to use portal.” A range of more than 70 different tracking devices are currently compatible with GTCTrack, including Shout Nano, Globalstar SmartOne, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro, Iridium Extreme, Apple iPhone, Blackberry and most other popular GSM and satellite based tracking products. These devices determine their location by triangulating a position using GPS and then transmitting this information via GSM or Satellite to a central server for processing. The information transmitted from the device is then available to view through GTCTrack. Traditionally, tracking device manufacturers tie the user to their own proprietary software but GTCTrack has been developed to allow the monitoring of a wide range of devices through just one software platform, allowing activities to be viewed on one single unified interface. It has been load tested to handle over 36,000 positions from over 400 tracking units in just 35 seconds and can be easily adapted to be compatible with most GPS tracking devices. See www.GTCTrack.com for more information.About Global Telesat Communications Global Telesat Communications Ltd (GTC) is a supplier of mobile voice and data communications services via satellite. GTC provides equipment and airtime for use on all the major satellite networks including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya allowing users in remote locations to make phone calls, connect to the internet and track assets or personnel anywhere in the world. GTC also offers a rental service for customers requiring equipment on a short-term basis. GTC is a UK based company with a global customer base shipping equipment to almost anywhere in the world and offering competitive pricing, personal service and fast shipping on all of our products. Global Telesat Communications Ltd, Unit A1 Arena Business Centre, Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7FJ, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 (0)1202 607486. Website: http://www.globaltelesat.co.uk

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  • Bank Holiday August Saver Offers

    Take advantage of our 9-Day Sale on selected satellite phones and trackers this week and receive FREE next day delivery and 1 month extension on Iridium airtime only! Get one of our amazing August Bank Holiday Package between 22nd August and 31st August and save up to £115! Please call us on 0800 112 3919 and quote Bank Holiday Offers when buying! Hurry! Our 9 Day Sale ends Wednesday 31st August 2011!

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