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Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Airtime Rates Now Available!

    Global Telesat Communications is pleased to announce that we now have airtime rates available for the new IsatPhone Pro. Inmarsat are proving very competitive with their sat phone call charges on both pre-paid and post-paid airtime for their Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS). Inmarsat GSPS Pre-Paid Airtime Other satellite networks such as Iridium and Thuraya offer a range of validity periods on different vouchers which can become confusing. Inmarsatare offering a flat two year validity on all pre-paid vouchers, even the smaller denominations. This is great for customers who only use their sat phone in emergencies but don't want to lose their credit if they don't use it. What's more the rate per minute works out to be good value with costs varying from £0.61 - £1.00 per minute to fixed lines depending on the volume of airtime you buy. A drawback for some pre-paid users will be that currently pre-paid service may not be used for calls within, from or to the United States. This will be resolved at a later date. Inmarsat GSPS Post-Paid Airtime All other satellite phone networks offer a standard contract with a 12 month minimum period. Inmarsat are breaking boundaries by offering 3 different contracts, all with no activation fee and two of which have no minimum term! This makes the IsatPhonevery flexible for those occasional users. For those who frequently use their sat phone Inmarsat is offering two plans which have inclusive minutes making call costs even cheaper.  Call costs to a fixed line range from £0.60 - £0.66 per minute depending on which plan you choose. Summary of IsatPhone Pro Post-Paid Plans   Standard Plan Allowance 20 Plan Allowance 60 Plan Monthly Fee $20.00 $35.00 $60.00 Inclusive Minutes Each Month 0 20* 60** Minimum Contract Duration (Months) 0 0 12   * Allowance for Voice to Fixed traffic only. No rollover of unused minutes. ** Allowance is for mobile originated traffic to fixed/cellular/voicemail/GSPS/SPS/BGAN/FBB/SBB. No rollover of unused minutes. We have already had some questions as to why you would choose the Standard Plan when there are no inclusive minutes, why not just choose pre-paid?  Well, the advantage that post-paid always has over pre-paid vouchers is that you do not have to worry about topping up your airtime, running out of credit or losing credit after validity periods have ended - you will always be able to make a call.  Considering there is no minimum contract on the Standard Plan it is still a very flexible option for occasional users. Global Telesat Communications are proud to be a verified bronze partner of Inmarsatwhich is why you can trust us with your IsatPhone Pro handset and airtime purchase. For advice on which IsatPhone airtime plan will suit your requirements please contact us.

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  • SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger now In Stock!

    Global Telesat Communications are pleased to announce we are now stocking SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger – the 2nd version of the popular personal tracker.  This device is essential for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities which may lead them into remote areas. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides a link to friends and family and emergency assistance using satellite technology.  SPOT works virtually anywhere even when mobile phones won’t.  At the push of a button you can send your location to friends and family by email and SMS to let them know via Google Maps how your journey is progressing.  Perhaps more importantly, you can send your GPS location to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center who will alert the local emergency services to your location.  This gives you great peace of mind in case of emergency. An One of the first rescues assisted by SPOT documented in the UK was in the Scottish Highlands.  Niels Vinther, who had only bought his SPOT device the month before, was walking alone when he began to suffer from excruciating stomach pains.  15 miles south of Fort William he used his SPOT 911 button to alert emergency services which resulted in rescue by a Royal Navy helicopter.  Niels says “With SPOT at my disposal I feel confident when getting back out into the great outdoors.  I am able to keep friends and family in the loop, adding to my peace of mind.  Also, the device will be great if I find others in need of assistance, who may not have such a handy device at their disposal.”  Read more on this story... Another rescue aided by SPOT took place in August 2008 in Dartmoor, Devon. The device was used to save two young walkers suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia.  There was no mobile signal which prevented the walkers from contacting the emergency services in the usual way and so SPOT was called upon – within an hour the two injured individuals were picked up by an RAF helicopter and taken to a local hospital for treatment.  Read more on this story...  The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is priced at £159.00 inc. VAT and is available now for next day delivery.  The device also requires that you purchase an annual subscription fee which is obtained directly from SPOT.  This is priced at €99.00 a year and includes unlimited messages.  A great additional service available for an extra €39.00 a year is the Track Progress feature which allows you to continuously send and save your location so that friends and family can track your journey in near real time using Google Maps. Once the button is activated messages are automatically sent every 10 minutes for 24 hours or until cancelled. Creating a SPOT Shared Page allows you to share your journey progress in near real time on the web with friends and family - just give them the URL. Order SPOT online now for next day delivery!

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  • Global Telesat Communications supports the Jane Tomlinson Appeal with Iridium 9555 sat phones

    On July 25th, Mike and Rebecca Tomlinson will set off on the Jane Tomlinson Appeal's latest challenge. Together with a team of fellow cyclists they will set off on a 2,500-mile bike ride from Istanbul to Leeds. The Tomlinson family will be joined by family and friends who will also take on the challenge of travelling through 12 countries over 5 weeks. As they travel across Europe you will be able to watch their progress through daily blogs and the latest pictures. The Appeal to date has raised £3million for children's and cancer charities nationwide. Through this event they hope to get one step closer to their new fundraising target of £5million. During their trip the Istanbul to Leeds team will be carrying 3 Iridium 9555’s provided by Global Telesat Communications to use in case of emergency when travelling through areas where traditional communications infrastructure does not exist.  Offering voice, fax and data services this sat phone is great for those needing to keep in touch frequently or just for emergency purposes - but we do hope that no emergency calls will be needed for the cyclists! Wishing the team the best of luck... Find out more about their journey: www.istanbultoleeds.co.ukMembers of the team cycling from Istanbul to Leeds to raise funds for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal

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  • Using Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones for data connection

    For those who frequently require internet connection in remote locations using a satellite terminal on the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network is a good choice with their portable terminals, fast data speeds and very reliable service. But what about those who will only occasionally want to use a data connection while in remote locations?  It is little known that satellite phones can also provide data services.  Although the speed will not be as fast as Inmarsat BGAN, if you only require need data services every now and then, a satellite phone will suffice and will be a much cheaper alternative to BGAN.  Every Iridium and Thuraya sat phone that we stock is capable of sending emails directly from the phone and the Thuraya SG-2520 even has an in-built browser meaning you don’t need to connect to your laptop to use the internet. Iridium offers a data speed of 9.6kbps and each Iridium 9555 comes with a USB cable to connect to your laptop making data connections with your sat phone very simple.  Thuraya’s basic data service offers speeds of up to 9.6kbps.  However, their GmPRS service offers enhanced speeds of up to 60kbps (downlink) at an additional fee making data connections with your satellite phone more viable.  With GmPRS you are charged by the volume of data you send and receive rather than the duration of the data call (as is the case with Thuraya’s basic data service).  Uplink speeds are available at up to 15kbps.  The GmPRS service is available on both post-paid and pre-paid data SIM cards. As with Iridium phones, all Thuraya phones come with the data cables required to set-up your data connection quickly and easily.  So if you need to send and receive emails or browse the web while on the move a satellite phone could be just what you need.  If you are not sure whether a sat phone or a satellite terminal would best  suit your needs why not contact us with your questions?

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