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  • Changes to Globalstar Post-Paid Contracts

    Globalstar have announced changes to their post-paid monthly airtime contracts which will come into immediate effect for new customers and on 1st December 2016 for existing customers. There will be an increase in their post-paid monthly airtime charges as shown in the table below. Even still, this price increase will ensure Globalstar remains the best value satellite phone provider on the market. All customers currently on the Globalstar Access Monthly Plan will be converted to the Globalstar Entry Plan which includes extra free minutes per month giving you a total of 10 minutes included in your monthly fee.   Post-Paid Voice & Data Plans Current Plans Current Monthly Fee New Monthly Fee Entry Plan €25.00 €30.00 Voice & Data 100 €50.00 €55.00 Voice & Data 250 €90.00 €100.00 Voice & Data 500 €130.00 €140.00 Voice & Data 1,000 €210.00 €220.00 Voice & Data Unlimited €400.00 €400.00 Prices ex VAT   Post-Paid Data Only Plans Current Plans Current Monthly Fee New Monthly Fee Data 250 €25.00 €30.00 Data 500 €50.00 €55.00 Data 1000 €90.00 €100.00 Data Unlimited €130.00 €140.00 Prices ex VAT If you have any questions on these changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • 22 competitors rescued during the 2016 Marathon Des Sables thanks to Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3

    Globalstar has revealed that its affordable SPOT Gen3 safety device was instrumental in rescuing 22 participants in this year’s Marathon Des Sables (MDS), the world’s most extreme running race.

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  • On Trial: Globalstar SmartOne C Satellite Tracker

    When the opportunity arose to test the latest satellite asset tracker, the Globalstar SmartOne C, on our Managing Director David's latest road trip to Spain we knew it would be a great chance to put the tracker to the test.

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  • Satellite Phone FAQs

    We've put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help beginners gain an understanding of what satellite phones can do.

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  • Important SPOT Pricing Update

    Due to the continued volatility in global exchange rates over the last 24 months, Globalstar have unfortunately been left with no option but to increase the cost of their Basic Service Plans for SPOT tracking devices.

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  • GTC celebrates seven years since formation

    This week we celebrate 7 years since Global Telesat Communications (GTC) was formed. We take a look back at the key moments so far and what the future holds for GTC and our customers.

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  • Stranded in a river in Iceland - Rescued thanks to SPOT

    At the end of October 2015, a survival school found out just how indispensable they can be as they travelled across South East Iceland.

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  • World’s smallest commercial one-way satellite asset tracker from Globalstar now in stock

    The long-awaited SmartOne C is now in stock at Global Telesat Communications.

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  • Globalstar and Global Telesat Communications Celebrate 5,000th SPOT Device Sales Milestone

    Orbital Tracking Corp announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Global Telesat Communications Ltd and Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd reached a major sales milestone with the shipment of its 5,000th SPOT tracking device, making GTCL one of the largest SPOT distributors in Europe and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Mobile Satellite Solutions (MSS) including satellite mobile voice, data and tracking services.

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  • Globalstar now offering Pan-African Satellite Coverage

    Globalstar announced last week that its gateway in Gaborone, Botswana has gone live, enabling Globalstar to deliver affordable simplex coverage over the African continent.

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