Satellite Phones

At the Global Telesat Communications website we sell a range of satellite phones to a wide variety of customers Below are a few examples of the brands we sell and their features.

Globalstar Satellite Phones
Globalstar phones provide a wide range of features and enable customers to communicate around the world. New simplified airtime pricing means customers can stay in touch with their budgets. Wherever Globalstar’s customers travel, they can take high quality, reliable and affordable satellite service with them.

Inmarsat Satellite Phones
The IsatPhone Pro offers global coverage excluding the poles and has the longest battery life in the market with a standby time of up to 100 hours. As well as voice and data capabilities, GPS Location data can also be viewed on the handset and sent in a text message. With a variety of flexible contract and pay as you go airtime plans available the IsatPhone Pro is a great choice.

Iridium Satellite Phones
Iridium offer two phones on their global satellite network, the Iridium 9555 and the newly released Iridium Extreme. Both Iridium phones offer basic voice and data functions and the Iridium Extreme has the added function of satellite tracking allowing you to automatically transmit periodic GPS co-ordinates directly from the handset. A range of pre-paid and post-paid contracts are available for Iridium sat phones.

Thuraya Satellite Phones
Thuraya’s second generation handsets are technological breakthroughs. Unlike previous satellite phones they are the same size as a mobile phone and still remain powerful enough to contain a wide range of features.

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