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Satellite Phones

  • Changes to Globalstar Post-Paid Contracts

    Globalstar have announced changes to their post-paid monthly airtime contracts which will come into immediate effect for new customers and on 1st December 2016 for existing customers. There will be an increase in their post-paid monthly airtime charges as shown in the table below. Even still, this price increase will ensure Globalstar remains the best value satellite phone provider on the market. All customers currently on the Globalstar Access Monthly Plan will be converted to the Globalstar Entry Plan which includes extra free minutes per month giving you a total of 10 minutes included in your monthly fee.   Post-Paid Voice & Data Plans Current Plans Current Monthly Fee New Monthly Fee Entry Plan €25.00 €30.00 Voice & Data 100 €50.00 €55.00 Voice & Data 250 €90.00 €100.00 Voice & Data 500 €130.00 €140.00 Voice & Data 1,000 €210.00 €220.00 Voice & Data Unlimited €400.00 €400.00 Prices ex VAT   Post-Paid Data Only Plans Current Plans Current Monthly Fee New Monthly Fee Data 250 €25.00 €30.00 Data 500 €50.00 €55.00 Data 1000 €90.00 €100.00 Data Unlimited €130.00 €140.00 Prices ex VAT If you have any questions on these changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Global Telesat Communications Chosen to Supply Mobile Satellite Services in Support of African State Elections

    GTC has provided more than 200 Thuraya XT-Pro satellite phones, Thuraya IP satellite broadband terminals and RedPort Optimizers together with associated airtime and customer support services for Zambian presidential elections.

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  • Latest version of SpeedMail Email & Web Compression now available: Includes PredictWind!

    We are pleased to announce that the latest version of SpeedMail offers PredictWind in the annual subscription - PredictWind provides an award-winning weather forecasting service online and via satellite its PredictWind Offshore apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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  • Satellite Phone FAQs

    We've put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help beginners gain an understanding of what satellite phones can do.

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  • The World's First 'Double' Marathon Des Sables

    Gavin Sandford is currently competing in the toughest footrace on Earth, the Marathon Des Sables, the extreme race takes place in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates - the Sahara Desert.

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  • Adventurer Duo Hope to be “Kidnapped” on their Next Challlenge

    On the 22nd May a pair of modern day adventurers will embark upon a voyage inspired by a 19th century novel in order to raise money for three fantastic charities.

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  • Government of India Reiterate Guidelines for Tourists and Satellite Phones

    The Government of India have reiterated their guidelines for tourists planning to take satellite phones to India.

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  • Award-Winning Weather Forecast System "PredictWind" joins XGate

    We are very excited to announce the newly integrated weather service from RedPort Global.

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  • Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Hotspot are now compatible with Android Smartphones

    In September, Thuraya announced two new additions to their popular SatSleeve range – a range of accessories which allow you turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

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  • Stranded in a river in Iceland - Rescued thanks to SPOT

    At the end of October 2015, a survival school found out just how indispensable they can be as they travelled across South East Iceland.

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